Root Explorer: A Must for the Rooted Android Phones

Are you using a rooted Android phone? Then you must use a suitable App to get access to the files, images or other folders avoiding any discrepancies. Root Explorer is one good App that would help you to open the zipped and rar files, and you can view all the details without leaving any secret. Previously when such Apps were not there, it was tough to do even the minimal customizations.

Keeping this in mind, Speed Software brought up this Root Explorer App accompanied with all the new features to unzip your files and folders within minutes. Now, if you have rooted your phone once you can easily go to the next step using the App that has one of the most important features.

Why is rooting required?

Rooting is the procedure to unlock your phone safely but sometimes after rooting, it becomes difficult to get access to the necessary documents. But now you can get rid of all the worries knowing Root Explorer is there to help you activate the process of climbing to the next level. You can carry out the activities according to your needs like increasing the RAM size, altering the fonts, etc. However, for normal Android phones, you may face certain restrictions such as you won’t be able to do the changes in system files. Whereas using rooted Android phones, you can easily make the changes in system files or for other applications.

Comprehend the Details:

Before you start installing the App, you need to know the complete details that would be useful to handle the whole procedure successfully. In this respect, you can consult with a technical expert who can divulge certain important features that would help you to make a wise decision. In this way, you can root your phone with complete peace of mind knowing you won’t have to face any difficulties afterward.

There are manifold benefits of rooting your Android smartphone such as root applications come out with more features as compared to those of the regular ones. You can even execute custom ROMs that would help your system to function properly getting out with desired outputs.

Using custom ROMs, you can get the tasks along with performance fixes that are more comprehensive than the stock ones. They also get the regular battery update that makes them more efficient than the stock ones. So, you can get a clear view of the benefits of rooting due to which Rooting Explorer plays the important role.

Get Free Internal Storage:

The Root Explorer App may also help you to get some free internal storage that’s another useful option you can get. Using the additional internal storage, you can run some other essential applications going smarter with a better lifestyle. Make life easier with the new Root Explorer App and ensure that you would be able to go ahead achieving the ultimate success. Get a new Android smartphone and don’t forget to carry out the rooting procedure that would protect your phone from unnecessary hazards.

Music Paradise Features and comparison with Mp3skull

Music Paradise is one of the powerful apps for mobile devices if you are a huge fan of music. This app helps you to listen the music online. This is a powerful application which enables you listen any song from internet and also you can play your mp3 files through this application. Basically it allows you to listen the mp3s directly into your device. You can download this app from the store for free.

This is one of the top applications available for the mobile devices. Another good app is Mp3skull. This application has many features that are best suited for the music lovers. Some of the features of this application are as follow:

  1. Easy and optimized search

With this application you can easily search your favorite music files from internet and listen it in your device. If you want to listen any song, you can simply search through your home screen. Once you press search option, it will search the list of songs which matches your search and you can play those songs and also you can add the songs in your favorite lists so that you will not need to search the song if you want to listen in the future. The search options are optimized in this application so that you will get the song you searched. Unlike other apps, this app will search and shows the music you want to listen.

  1. Access to huge music files

You can have access to millions of music through this app. You can find the music from all over the world. You can also select a nation to listen the music so that you can listen the popular and hit music of the country.

  1. Play music files from your device

You can also listen the music from your device. This app allows you to listen the songs online and offline. If you have already music in your device, you can listen you favorite music through this application. The music player has best equalizer set for listening music. You don’t have to download and install other music player if you install this application in your device.  It enables to listen the music from your device and from internet too if you don’t have particular music in your device.

  1. Can create your own playlists online

You can create playlists online. If you like any music in the internet, you can add the music in you playlist and listen the song directly without needing to search every time in the internet. You can create numerous playlists according to your need. You can also edit and manage your playlists anytime you want. You can add music files, delete music or delete the whole music lists if you want.

  1. Play your favorite albums

You can listen to your favorite albums from the internet for free with this app. If you are a huge fan of particular bands and artists, and you can afford to buy the whole album, you can use this app and listen all the tracks from your favorite album from your favorite bands and artists online for free.

How to download Aptoide app?

There are various paid versions of different types of android app in the play store. Aptoide helps you to download these types of apps for free of cost. You can easily download the apps in very quick time by using this app.

You can refer Aptoide as the Android Market place which works as the Play store in Google. However, the play store in Google is centralized but Android Marketplace is not. It lets you to search the apps in different users store and helps you download it.

You can have aptoide download online on your Android device and then install it in your device to use the various features offered. Followings are the easy steps to download Aptoide for Android:-
Open your web browser.

Go to the Google search and make a search for “Aptoide download”.
Then you will be provided with the list of the various sites from where you can download it. Make sure that you visit the trusted site from the search result. One of the trusted site is “Softonic”. Go to Android aptoide free download from Softonic.

Wait for the page to load.
Then click on Aptoide.
Click on “Download free”.
Click on “continue to install”.
Click on “Install Now”.

As the file is downloaded successfully in your Window then the box will appear in your screen with the different option buttons like “Cancel” and “Install” at the bottom side of the page. Click or tap on “Install”.

The install process starts automatically. Once the application is successfully installed in your device then it will ask you whether to open it right now or not. Click on “Open” to use it instantly.
You can also download and install the Aptoide app on your computer.

Just follow the steps listed here:-
At first you will need an emulator. “Bluestacks” is one of the most popular emulator. So, download it and install on your computer. Then run or open the installer file (.exe file).

Go to the official website of Aptoide download page – Download the app.
After you have downloaded the file, open the Bluestack.

Open the .apk file you have just downloaded and run it.

Once you have an access to install the app store, run the Aptoide in Bluestacks.

The aptoide for IOS can be downloaded from the web link is very similar to the steps for Android.

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed Aptoide in your device, you will be able to use the following features:-

By using the Aptoide app, you can download the different apps for absolute free from any parts of the world.

You will be informed with the notification provided if any updates for the games and apps in your device are made available.

You can search for the apps from various other apps store and download it.
You are provided with the private store where you will be able to upload the various apps and games.
You can easily manage your downloads.

Why Google Chrome is better than any other browser?

When it comes to choosing a browser, there are quite a few options to choose from like Firefox or Opera or Safari, Google Chrome. Google Chrome was 1st launched in 2008 and when you compare this time frame with the other browsers, you would often notice that Mozilla Firefox as well as the other browser where launched much more earlier than Google Chrome but still if you look into the browser usage these days, you would realise that chrome has become the most commonly used to browse at these days.


This is because of the technical superiority as well as the features which are present in Google Chrome and in this article, we would be discussing as to why Google Chrome is much superior as compared to the other browser options which you have.

  1. Wide number of add-ons:

In the default version, the Google Chrome is good for a standard browser but if you need more special features, you would have to either use the add-ons or the extensions. Luckily, Google Chrome has a lot of extensions and add-ons which you can use and you would easily be able to find add-on for the function which you want to fulfil.

Fortunately, most of the add-ons are completely free and therefore you can increase the efficiency of your Google Chrome browser significantly by using these add-ons and plug-ins.

This is one of the main reasons why Google Chrome has become so popular in such a short period of time.

  1. Simple interface:

Not all the people who are using a browser are Internet savvy or computer savvy and therefore most of the people just require a browser which is easy to use and which has a simple interface. This ensures that you do not have to look into the complicated interface and the interface which is there to visit any website is pretty easy as well.

Moreover, in order to get some instructions or help in the chrome browser, there is a help menu and there is plenty of documentation as well which would help you in understanding the chrome browser.

  1. Searching from the address bar:

Google Chrome was the 1st browser to directly allow the users to search by typing the query in the address bar. This ensured that instead of visiting any search engine, you are able to directly type in the address bar and it would search for you. This ensured that even the people who did not have the knowledge of operating the search engines or using the search engines were able to search for any information which they needed online.

  1. Task manager:

It happens numerous numbers of times that you are browsing something and the browser freezes or the entire computer freezes due to the memory which is being consumed by the browser. In such a case, you need to either close the entire browser or you need to restart your computer itself. In both the cases, you would be losing the tabs which are opened in the browser. Google Chrome provides you with the functionality of the task manager which ensures that you are able to save what the quantity of memory which is utilised by different processes and you are able to end the processes according to the memory utilised.

This would ensure that you are not required to close the entire browser or you are not required to close the entire explorer in order to get the computer back in working condition. Another important factor is that Google Chrome faces err_name_not_resolved issue very less as compared to other browsers.

This ensures that you are optimising the usage of your browser according to the memory which you have available on your computer as well.

This feature is not provided by any other browser and therefore it comes as a life saver especially if you want to ensure that you are able to operate Google Chrome browser on computers which have less resources.

So, all these features make Google Chrome browser much more superior as compared to the other web browsers which are available.

5 reasons why Windows 10 is great

Windows 10, has plenty of features which were missing in the earlier Windows. There are quite a few innovative concepts to help you in your day-to-day usage of Windows 10 as well. There are some productivity changes as well which ensure that you are able to do the simpler task quite quickly and thereby saving you time as well.

When Windows 10 was 1st launched, it was seen with scepticism because some of the previous Windows versions have failed to leave a mark on the user. However, most of the users were pleasantly surprised when they came across Windows 10.

We would be discussing about 5 reasons why Windows 10 is better than any of its predecessor.

  1. Windows device syncing:

Windows 10 is the operating system which would be working similarly on all the devices which are operating on Windows. This ensures that you are able to sync those devices and the App Store for those devices would be synced as well and therefore any apps which you buy or any apps which you have opted for would be present on all the devices which use Windows.

This would ensure that you are able to keep all your devices in sync and your work is smoothened out as well.

  1. Increase the efficiency:

There was a drastic change in the graphic user interface in Windows 8 as well as the upgraded version of Windows 8 as well and that is why, most of the people who were accustomed to the older version of Windows, moved away from Windows 8 to either its predecessor or changed the operating system overall. This led to a lot of exodus of users from the windows operating system.


With Windows 10, Microsoft has brought back the older graphic user interface and you can use the tiles when you need and they are not the by default graphic user interface which you need to use.

This would increase the efficiency of Windows and bring more users to Windows who are accustomed to the older interface. Moreover, errors such as the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b no longer occur.

  1. The start menu is back:

In the 1st version of Windows 8, the start menu was completely discarded and it was very difficult to use the alternative. In the upgraded version of Windows, the start menu was back but its functioning was pretty limited. In the latest Windows 10, the start menu is back and it is optimised for proper usage as well.

The start menu in Windows 10 looks like start menu in Windows 7 which is perfect for users who are accustomed to using the start menu.

  1. Options for virtual desktops:

Windows 10 has provided the options for virtual desktops which would ensure that you are able to easily switch between the screens and you are able to improve the workflow as well. As long as you have the RAM and the processing power, you can smoothen out the workflow with the help of multiple virtual desktops.

  1. Metro apps:

In Windows 8, when you open the apps, they took the full screen by default specially the Metro style apps but this is no longer a problem in Windows 10 because you can open multiple apps and they would not be forced to full screen.

As you can see, the functionality and the efficiency of the Windows has increased drastically in Windows 10 as compared to its predecessor and these are the 5 main reasons why Windows 10 is such a great improvement over the earlier Windows and it increases your efficiency and decreases the time which is required for doing the normal tasks in Windows.